Music to Train To: Spotify Playlists

Music To Train To: 2020 Playlist Round Up

There is no doubt that music makes a tough workout just a little bit easier. There is evidence to suggest that carefully selected music can promote ergogenic and psychological benefits during high-intensity exercise. 

We've put together four playlists that'll keep you feeling good while you stay active. Follow us on Spotify to keep in the loop as we'll be releasing monthly playlists.

Playlist 1

When we sat down to make playlists, not only did we want songs that pumped us up, we wanted songs that reflected the hyphenated action-centric vibe of the Future Proper. Songs that made you want to move something: yourself, a heavy object, society, attitudes, thoughts from your brain. Bands and songs that are many things at once, finding their own path towards the future. Hyphenated action music to play randomly.

Features: Bad Brains, Boris, JPEGMAFIA, Death Grips, Run the Jewels, Black Midi, Denzel Curry

Playlist 2

There is something sweetly contradictory about metal. Joyful and nihilistic. Mind numbing and soul grounding. Metal makes you want to destroy things and then put them back together better than when you started. We tried to dip into as many of the heavy music genres as possible: punk, hardcore, sludge, death, industrial etc. Also tried to be sure there was diversity. 

Not for the faint of heart. You may not even need a workout after listening to this. This sh*t is heavy.

Features: Sabbath, Converge, Code Orange, Baroness, Jesus Piece, Mastodon, Nails, Fugazi. Brutus, Metallica

Playlist 3

Do you run in your favorite band t-shirt? This is the playlist for you: alt-classics formulated for a long-ish run or just a slow burn. Nothing like cooling down to Galaxie 500. Even though it sounds like the 90s please don't work out in cotton shorts. They look like hell when you sweat and chafing is real. 

Features: Stone Roses, Gang of Four, New Order, Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Delta 5, Pulp, Pavement

Playlist 4

A sampler of our favorites from the five decades that hiphop has been the most essential, important music in contemporary culture, full stop. Could have been 100 hours.

Warning: not for sensitive ears.

Features: Vince Staples, Danny Brown, Eric B. & Rakim, Rico Nasty, JID, Gang Starr, Brand Nubian