Music to Train to #11: Ian Williams of Battles
Get experimental on your next run.
Proper Advice: Michael Chernow
Almost dying was what it took for me to discover just how beautiful life can be.
Proper Advice: Saamer Usmani
The mind/body connection comes up in acting over and over. Emotions live in the body. So for me and my work, having access to my whole body — strength, flexibility, proprioception — is exciting.
Proper Advice: Tate Donovan
As you get older, you get set in your ways. And I’m so glad I just blew it all wide open.
Future Proper Video 2020/21

Featuring three athletes in Los Angeles and feels like our favorite old-school skate videos.


Music to Train to #5 - Post Punk 90s
Post-punk 90s noisy bops.
Music To Train To: 2020 Playlist Round Up
Training tunes to get you through anything.
Reigning Champ
Comfort meets tech.